Semillas de Inmensidad

Correo Aereo’s newest album is a lush collection of assorted song seeds from Argentina, Venezuela and Mexico, including 2 songs in the 2500 year old Zapotec Indian language. Abel & Madeleine are joined by Amy Denio  on...

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Para Cantarle Al Rio

A gorgeous concept album that seamlessly combines original & traditional Latin American music from Chile, Argentina and Venezuela with soundscapes and lush, original compositions by Correo Aereo composed for the independent...

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Lo Que Me Dijo El Viento

Returning to the studio for their second album, ‘Lo Que Me Dijo El Viento’ helped Correo Aereo win the title ‘Best Latin Band’ in the Austin Music Awards in 2001. “Within the first three of the 15...

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A newly remastered re-issue of Correo Aereo’s debut album, Provinces (re-released in 2007). The re-issue features remastered audio, an augmented CD booklet in living color; the latest in the life of their debut album,...

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  1. Doug Cain

    Bien hecho, me gusta sus areglos ! Gracias – buena suerte
    espero que todo esta bien por alla !

  2. It goes without saying that missing the band

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