CA music in SIFF film, ‘Rocketmen’


Come to SIFF and see Seattle feature film, ‘Rocketmen’, with Correo Aereo music highlighting the exciting, hilarious ending!

The Stranger Genius Award winner, Webster Crowell, blends live action with animated interludes for the deranged comedic adventures of Seattle’s little-known protectors, The Department of Municipal Rocketry.

“Handcrafted animation and excellent comedy combine with unmistakable narrative ambition.”Sean Nelson, The Stranger

Fans of retro sci-fi and old-school special effects will find much to love in this comedy web series-turned-feature flick by local director Webster Crowell, winner of The Stranger Genius Award for film in 2003. Originally filmed as a seven-part miniseries, Rocketmen follows an FDR-era jobs program comprising men in tight leather jackets with rockets on their backs, their sole goal to defend the good ol’ U.S. of A. from Communist invasions and giant robots. The only problem is America was never attacked by such forces, leaving Rocketmen by the wayside 70 years later. That is, until a new threat arrives in Seattle’s airspace, while goofy realities float into the surreal when their hydrogen-powered rockets release hallucinogenic gas. The Rocketmen’s job woes are inspired by Crowell’s own experiences of the Great Recession, commenting on the importance of government-provided jobs. Shot in and around the Emerald City, scene locations bounce from coffee shops to Pioneer Square, downtown, and the International District. This local ensemble cast, brilliantly orchestrated by Crowell, presents a hardily quirky testament to Seattle’s creative spirit.

 There are 3 screenings at SIFF :

Thursday May 25, 7:00 PM SIFF Cinema Egyptian

Sunday May 28, 3:30 PM Shoreline Community College

Monday June 5, 4:00 PM SIFF Cinema Uptown Theater (Correo Aereo will be attending!)








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