Kate Copeland & Company @Crossroads at Bellevue

THE KATE COPELAND & Company, with Kiyota Sage & Madeleine Sosin @ Crossroads at Bellevue 7:00 – 9:30 PM

On the Market Stage in the International Food Court

15600 NE 8th Street, Bellevue, Wa. 98008

Kate Copeland & Company

Original acoustic songs with exquisitely crafted 3-part harmonies. The singers accompany themselves on mandolin, guitar, violin and a dash of percussion. The songs vary from lushly soulful and ethereal to upbeat pop-folk and influences range from Appalachian & Celtic folk music to medieval ballad and impressionistic tone poem.


 Kate Copeland (songwriter, vocals, mandolin), grew up with a bunch of crazy brilliant circus vaudevillian hippies (her dad was a classically trained composer and conductor who became music director for The Flying Karamazov Brothers for over a decade) and traveled the world being exposed to an eclectic mix of art cultures.  She also graduated from Oberlin Music Conservatory with a degree in composition, never losing her passion for writing and singing songs.

Kiyota Sage, (guitar, vocals, songwriter), a self taught musician and performer, may be best known for his astonishing physical super hero ninja troup of juggling acrobats…. , which he cofounded in 2004 and has toured nationally and internationally to critical acclaim.

Madeleine Sosin (vocals, violin, maracas), a multi-talented performer whose work with the award-winning world music duo Correo Aereo, which she cofounded and has toured nationally and internationally for two decades, led her to the same campfire where Copeland and Sage first met.  A Gypsy who left home at 13 and traveled the country as a musician, dancer and street performer, her performance history is rich and spans many mediums and collaborations in music, dance, theater, film and television.  She lends her breadth of experience to the music, and her unique voice completes the alchemy of their combined artistry.

& Tomoki Sage on cajon!


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