From Hiroshima To Hope

From Hiroshima To Hope – Annual Floating Lantern Ceremony                                                                                                                                                                       LOCATED: On Green Lake’s northwest shore, near the Bathhouse. Free and open to the public.

fb Event:

From Hiroshima to Hope, Seattle’s annual peace event honoring the victims of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and all victims of war and violence, takes place on Tuesday, August 6, the 74th anniversary of the atomic bombings. The program features keynote speaker David Swanson, author and peace activist; emcee Esther Little Dove John; blessing by Matt Remle (Lakota); Seattle Kokon Taiko; legendary singer Patrinell Wright; the traditional Latin American music of Correo Aereo Trio; Seattle Youth Poet Laureate 2018/19, Azura Tyabji; Stan Shikuma; Senji Kanaeda; Kuniko and Marcia Takamura, koto; James Jennings, shakuhachi.

The event also includes the exhibition of artist Yukiyo Kawano’s fabric sculpture, “Little Boy (folded),” a photo exhibit: Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the bombings, and Atomic Footprints poster exhibit. On Green Lake’s northwest shore, near the Bathhouse. Free and open to the public.


PROGRAM: From Hiroshima to Hope 2019, Tuesday, August 6th,

Gathering, Lantern Preparation, Picnicking, Music (6:00 to 7:00 pm)
Lantern Calligraphy: Beikoku Shodo Kenkyukai and Gurudwara Singh Sabha
(Starts at 6:00 – Closes at 7:30)
Silent Space for Reflection: Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Seattle Chapter,
with Choboji (Seattle Zen Temple)
(Starts at 6:00 at the lantern-floating dock – Closes at 7:00)
5:30: First announcements, Committee spokesperson
6:00: Second announcements, Committee spokesperson
6:30: Preliminary announcements, Committee spokesperson
6:45 – 7:00: Pre-program music: Marcia and Kuniko Takamura, koto,
Family Program (7:00 to 8:15 pm)
7:00 to 7:05: Welcome, Opening Remarks, Announcements, Emcee, Esther Little Dove John .
7:05 to 7:10: Blessing/Prayer Song, Matt Remle  from the Lakota Nation.
7:10 to 7:25: Seattle Kokon Taiko.
7:25 to 7:30: Gospel/Peace Song, Patrinell Wright
7:30 to 7:40: Keynote Speaker: David Swanson
7:40 to 7:55: Traditional Latin Music, Correo Aereo Trio, preceded by Donation Appeal,
7:55 to 8:00: Closing Remarks: Emcee, including acknowledgements; Take-away; introductions of poet and
ceremony participants; and presentation of protocol for ceremony and procession
8:00 to 8:05: Transition poetry:  Azura Tyabji, Seattle Youth Poet Laureate 2018/2019
8:05 to 8:10: About the Toro Nagashi: Stan Shikuma.
8:10 to 8:20: Lantern Floating Ceremony (includes a brief Sutra reading): Senji Kanaeda, Nipponzan
Myohoji Temple
8:20 to ~9:00: Procession to the Launching Dock: Led by Br. Senji Kanaeda, and
Participants in the Interfaith Peace Walk; Emcee; Hibakusha; Speakers,
and Performers; Elders; then audience.
~8:20 to ~9:00: Music: James Jennings, Shakuhachi (at the pier)
Sound design, Dansound

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