Fine Art / Education

As an educator, I value their authoritative explanations done with elegance and ease. They captivated all of us with their demonstrations and commentary about cultural and historical issues related to Latin music. They have the capacity and character to lecture, give clinics and workshops at any university or college, whether in areas of humanities or social sciences. Listening to their performance one can unite space and time across cultures.

Dr. Juan Tony Guzman, Head of Jazz Dept. Luther College


Latin/World music duo Correo Aéreo (Air Mail) offers fine art concerts  of traditional and original Latin American Music, primarily from Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina, using a diversity of instrumentation, including Venezuelan and Mexican harp, jarana, maracas, cuatro, guitar, violin, bombo and two vocals.

Adjunct educational assemblies with interactive components, Lecture demos, workshops & residencies are also available.

Arts, language, math, geography, history, humanities, social and kinetic skills are learned though
the power of music, rhythm & song, storytelling & culture sharing. The material reveals the riches of
regional Latin American cultures as well as focusing on the many cultures that have integrated to
create these musical forms of the Mestizo races, i.e. Indigenous American Indian, Spanish, African,
European, North African Arabic, and Sephardic Jewish. These different cultures constitute many of
the nations of the Americas. Tradition and art are part of the memory and history of the people.
Correo Aéreo’s music brings alive and encircles the presence of ALL the people within it, giving,
through the direct beauty of music, the vital experience of cultural diversity, collaboration and

Correo Aéreo’s richly entertaining music promotes global healing and pride through a Rainbow Vision and culturally links people of diverse nations, ages and populations. Songs are sung in Spanish.
Comments are bilingual or in English or Spanish, depending upon audience orientation.

Correo Aéreo is happy to work with presenters and educators to customize assembly programs and
residency services in conjunction with larger program themes being explored. All assemblies and
workshops are specially designed for the age groups involved. Correo Aereo works with ages K thru
University and beyond.

Musical styles include:

  • Mexico: Sones jorochos, ballads
  • Venezuela: Joropos, golpes, merengues, polos
  • Argentina: Chacareras, zambas, milongas, bagualas
  • Afro Peruvian: Correo Aereo introduces Afro-Peruvian music as well to close an assembly, teaching the audience an interactive song and rhythms to perform with them.

Correo Aéreo offers residency services such as:

  • Lecture demos focusing on instrumentation and cultural/historical influences in the music played.
  • Workshops or residencies focusing on song learning or instrument studies with a possible end performance by workshop group. Also offered; introduction to Afro Peruvian music, using cajons, cajitas, claves, shakers, guidos, and quijadas exploring poly-rhythm & song.
  • Community outreach to special populations, e.g. programs directed to target groups such as youth, ethnic communities, seniors and students. Participatory programs conducted within the community and in non-traditional performance spaces.
  • Master classes. Advanced studies.

A standard children’s school assembly runs forty to forty-five minutes in length.Back to back shows are possible.

A standard full-length fine art concert generally runs two hours with one fifteen/twenty-minute
intermission, although concert lengths are negotiable with presenters.