Technical Rider


For Duo

7 channels
2 vocal mics. 3 inst. mics, 1 DI, 1 XLR cord to violin mic,
2 monitors, separate mixes.

Abel is stage L with: Vocal mic, nylon string Guitar with pick up, Venezuelan harp with mic inside or clip on, Cuatro (small 4 string guitar) with inst. mic.
Madeleine is stage R with: Vocal mic, violin with clip on sennheisser mic. Maracas, bombo drum and jarana (sm guitar) on inst. mic.

4 Boom stands. Good warm reverb on voices & violin. phantom power.
1 small table for violin & small perc.

1 hour sound check after set up requested.


We will work with venue resources for best effect and color changes.


Bottled water in dressing rooms & on stage.
For food preferences please check with artists.

Stage Plot

Download Stage Plot (JPG)