‘Para Cantarle Al Rio’ CD and Concert

To Sing a River/Para Cantarle Al Rio

Internationally acclaimed Latin American Music Duo CORREO AEREO brings the stage to vivid life with, “TO SING A RIVER/PARA CANTARLE AL RIO,” commissioned by the Seattle International Children’s Festival 2005. Correo Aereo braids together the streams of live original cinematic, and traditional and original music of Latin America, performed with stunning film imagery and poetic word by an ensemble of world class musicians led by the multi-instrumental and vocal magic of Correo Aereo.

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“TO SING A RIVER” is an all ages show that will take children and adult audiences alike on a lush and sumptuous journey that begins it’s flow on the endangered Amazon river in Peru and travels deep into the heart of nature to share in the joyful lives of the children of the Shipibo Konibo river people.

Between film/live music sequences, “TO SING A RIVER” seamlessly blends color, sound, poetry, and musical traditions of other Latin American peoples as we discover all that a river can be: Rivers like the veins that run through us all. Let yourself be immersed in these waters of life. The Shaman’s song that floats out of the dark night calls us to receive the gifts!

“TO SING A RIVER” features scenes from the documentary film “SHIPIBO KONIBO” by Dutch film maker Willem Malten. “TO SING A RIVER/PARA CANTARLE AL RIO” presents all music lyrics sung in Spanish. Poetic word given in English/Spanish.