Reviews for ‘Lo Que Me Dijo El Viento’

RECORD REVIEWS for ‘Lo Que Me Dijo El Viento’

“This is what the wind told me, starting with the acoustic insistence of Abel Rocha’s “Cuatrapeado” and heart-tugging vulnerabilty of “Golpes Tocuyanos” to the sawing, strumming “El Caimán” and delicately dancing beauty of “Carnaval.” Rocha and Madeline Sosin’s embrace on the tragic “La Mariquita,” the funereal beat of Rocha’s “De Mis Memorias,” and lastly, the playful strum and teasing palmas handshake of “Camaguán.” Lo Que Me Dijo El Viento. This is what the wind told me.”

-Raoul Hernandez
Austin American-Statesman

“I liked [their] arrangements and the way they know what to leave out and what are the bare essentials to make the song, in whatever style they are playing, work. Abel, who plays the harp and the huapanguera as well as sings, is amazing.”
-David Hidalgo
Los Lobos

“Remarkable fact is that Abel’s compositions Cuatrapeado and the very moving De Mis Memorias blend so well with the traditionals…. Traditional and contemporary at the same time, but most of all beautiful, very beautiful.”
-Marc Nolis
RootsTown Music Review, BELGIUM

“Within the first three of the 15 songs on the CD this duo’s dexterity shines through. In “Cuatrapeado,” Rocha’s guitar builds in an ever fuller and faster crescendo for nearly two minutes before his reedy voice slides in, backed by Sosin’s sultry vocals, gradually upping the dramatic tension until the end. Switching mood and tempo in “Pena Huasteca,” the duo blend their voices together over Sosin’s plaintive violin, Rocha playing a supporting rhythm with his guitar. Then, with the traditional upbeat but minor-key Venezuelan tune “Fiesta Lllanera,” it’s instrumental virtuoso time for the duo, Sosin’s maracas providing a rhythmic velvet background for Rocha’s rapid yet lush harp playing.’

‘It’s that blend of contrasts that makes “Lo Que Me Dijo El Viento” a jewel. ”
-Jeanne Claire Van Ryzin
Austin American-Statesman