More Reviews for ‘Provinces’

“The tandem of Abel Rocha and Madeleine Sosin have recorded an exceptional cassette that is worth immediate purchase by music lovers and serious consideration for acquisition by a national label. In 38 minutes it demonstrates the couple’s extraordinary musical and vocal skills that made their pan-Hispanic music such an instant hit at [1993’s] South x Southwest Conference in Austin….

Los Lobos’ David Hidalgo has often stated that to play harp extremely well you most often cannot play other instruments. Abel Rocha calls that wisdom into question since his considerable skill on the harp is matched by his flying fingers on quinta huapanguera, guitar and cuatro. His high, affecting vocal attack often soars above Madeleine’s lower register, singing in a startling and affecting reversal of traditional male-female harmony.

Madeleine’s strong attack on violin is a perfect match for Abel’s quinta huapanguera on “Las dos Huastecas,” a plea for peace between the musicians of two rival Mexican states (Tamaulipas and Veracruz) to get past their local pride and play music together…. the musical skill of this couple complements the impressive reach of their pan-Hispanic musical repertoire and marks Correo Aéreo as one of the most exciting acoustic ensembles to appear in many years.”
-Joe Compton
Dirty Linen Magazine


“Postcards can be like little maps. I’m not talking about those thoughtless “wish you were here” cards some people send. I’m talking about those carefully written missives which include the most distilled reflections of the sender…. The recipient can savor a time and place distinct from his own, through the muse of a trusted friend. Cards like this you save to read over and over again. The duo Correo Aéreo (Air Mail) brings the same response.”
-Belinda Acosta
Austin American-Statesman